State Syllabus Schools in Mysore

State Syllabus Schools in Mysore

In order to provide an education most relevant to the age, the academic activity of the school is advised and pedagogic practices are regulated by a panel of subject-experts. The curricular design is based upon principles of wholesomeness in schooling, allowing for a variety of different academic choices in the senior years. The rigour of core academic areas is derived from standards and benchmarks prescribed by the State Board. Assignments are intended to ensure application of individual learning.

CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) is followed systematically. Project work is designed for participative and contributive learning. Creative and musical abilities are nurtured co-curricularly.

Why Supreme State Syllabus School

Our school plays an important role in helping children learn to interact positively with their friends and teachers. They learn about healthy relationship skills and develop them further through interaction both in the classroom and on the playground. Children spend a large portion of their day at school and its vital that an our school curriculum is designed to help its students form solid social relationships or to connect with other children and adults in a caring and empathetic manner.

qualified teaching 90%
high infrastructure 95%
more activities 90%
security 90%

Our Vision

Our vision is your hopes and dreams become true. We seek to nature and develop your child’s potential, creativity and intelligence, expand their horizons and provide a foundation they can build on throughout their life. To develop in pupils social, moral, spiritual and cultural attributes helping them towards a happy them successful adult life.

Our Aim

We seek to develop the individual strength of each child at our school. We wish to develop children whose world are not centered upon themselves alone. Supreme boys and girls are valued members of the community, commitment with self discipline and a willingness to participate are their key features. We are proud that good behaviour is also a highly prized feature of life at the school. It is something that we expect of all our pupils. We build the confidence and skill they need to face the new challenges. Personal attention from committed teachers identifies the abilities of each child and encourages them to make full use of those abilities. New technologies gives new opportunities for discovery.